Detailed Step by Step Procedures for Janet (Begin to End)

 Extractions of my three front teeth and bone graft to fill the sockets so that dental implants
  can be placed:

 Before the extractions due to mainly infection (abscess/swelling) over my right lateral incisor:
   JWBefore  JWAbscess

 Cat Scan (or dentascan) taken to be sure there are no other infections:
   Indeed there were additional infections on the other teeth (see hole below):

 Extracted all three teeth and bone graft ( ridge augmentation) placed into the sockets:
JWExtracted Teeth  JWRidgeAugment 

   Membranes (GTR) placed over the bone followed by a Flipper (temporary teeth):
JWMembrane  JWFlipper


  In three months the gum and bone healed. Now I was ready for two implants in the #7 and #10 location (red circles are guides)

                Healed Ridge                                          Clear Guide Stent    
    JWHealedRidge  JWGuideStent

              Placement of Implant #7               Placement of implant #10 Implant
      JWDentalImplant7   JWImplant10  JWImplant

            Healing collars over implants         Flipper placed over implants
      JWHealingCollar   JWFlipper

Three months: Implants are ready to be restored with a 4-unit fixed bridge:   

   After my dentist took impressions, my case was sent to the lab where the lab made abutments that screw into the implants. These custom titanium abutments act like a tooth over which crowns are placed:
   Laboratory work below:
          JWLabAbutment  JWLabCastings
  Now back to my mouth: the abutments are now sent back to my dentist to try into my  mouth before the final crowns are placed (a try-in). You can see the implants hidden below the gumline after the healing collars were removed:
      Dental Implants inside my gum            Abutments fit onto the implants
  JWImplantExposed  JWAbutmentsPlaced

     These undercastings (alloy metal) are then placed onto the titanium abutments to see how they fit before sending back for the porcelain baking:
                                                                              plenty of room for porcelain
JWCastingsPlaced  JWCastings

Voila!! My new implant supported bridge inserted below:
 JWFinishedBridge   JWAfter
My Brand New Smile, at last!!!  Thank you Dr. Mao for my smile.
JWSmile  JWFacialSmile


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