Implant Overdentures:

Case JF: Implant Supported Removable Denture after Extracting All Upper Teeth due to
                  Severe Periodontal Disease:

      JFXrayBefore JFBefore JFXrayBefore2

    JFXRay4    JFBredentAbutments  JFXRay12

                       JFAbutments   JFOverdenture

            JFAfter1  JFAfterSmile

  Case BH: Five Implant Supported Fixed Denture after Extraction of Most Upper Teeth
                   due to Severe Periodontal Disease:

        EBBefore1  EBBefore2  EBBefore3    

EBExtractions  EBAbutments  EBAbutments2

            EBBridge   EBAfterSmile


Case SC: Four-Implant-Supported Bar Overdenture due to inability to wear a
             Full Lower Denture: Case is 20 years old now.
            SHBar   SHImplants                                                         
                    SHOverdenture   SHOverdenturePlaced                                                              


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