Single Implant Cases:

Case DF:  Implant Right Front Central Incisor with Veneers on all other teeth:
   Fair Before  Fair Implant  Fair After

Case MD: Implant on Left Front Lateral Incisor due to Failed Root Canal:
   Durante Before  Durante After  Durante Implant  Durante Smile

Case TC: Implant on Lower Left Front Tooth due to Periodontal Disease:
    TC Before TC Implant TC After

Case WH: Implant on Upper Right Central Incisor due to Decay under Crown:
    WH Before  WH Implant WH After 

Case FW: Implant on Both Central Incisors due to Bone and Tooth Resorption:
    FW Before   FW Abutments   FW After  FW Implants

Case PG: Implant on Lower Right 1st Molar due to Decay under Filling:
    PG Before    PG Implant   PG After

Case PK: Implant on LL 1st Molar due to Extreme Bone and Tooth Abscess:
    PK Before PK Before Xray  PK Implant   PK After

Case MK: Implant on Lower Left 1st Molar due to Cracked Root causing Bone Loss:
    MK Before   MK Implant   MK After
Case TW: Implants on both  Lateral Incisors due to Congenitally Missing Incisors
    TW Before TW Implant7 TW Implant10 TW After

Case MO: Implant on Right Front Central due to Malpositioning and Gum Disease:
    MO Before   MO Implant   MO After 


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