Periostat® is antibiotic available as a 20 mg capsule of doxycycline hyclate ( also know to many people as a form of Tetracycline) for oral administration and is indicated as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) a procedure done by your Periodontist to promote the reduction of pockets around the teeth. Periostat  works by attacking  the enzymes (collagenases) that are produced by the  cells  within the pockets and inside the gum tissue itself.  These enzymes are produced in response to a bacterial invasion of the gum and pockets  with adult periodontitis (gum disease).  The Periostat® is available by prescription only and has been available in  pharmacies since Thanksgiving 1998.

Periostat® is the only treatment that suppresses the pathologically elevated levels of tissue-destroying enzymes that may lead to tooth loss in adult periodontitis. And as a systemic therapy, Periostat® treats all periodontal pockets throughout the mouth simultaneously. Click here if you would like to learn much more about the Atridox  Research Results .  Click here if you would like to go to  QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS


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