1st Testimonial: A Card

                        Thank you note to Dr. Mao from James Wich   

2nd Testimonial: A Card


3rd Testimonial:

   From: Jorge Mitchell [mailto:jmitchex2@dhr.state.md.us]
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 12:03 PM
To: drmao@comcast.net
Subject: Thank you
   Dr. Mao, I can not express in worlds the dept of my gratitude. Your corrective action has relieved the pain I have been enduring for the past three years. My gum is no longer swollen, my jaw is no longer painful, I don't have that pestering headache, and I slept very well last night. Thank you and looking forward to my appointment.

4th Testimonial:
 Hi Dr. Mao,
I wanted to let you know of the benefits I am experiencing with my hollie.  I use it every night and the difference is amazing.  I used to experience lower jaw pain and stiffness in the morning.  Not anymore!  I also used to be awakened in the middle of the night with the feeling of my teeth “shifting.”  This is now also gone.  Thanks to you, I am no longer grinding my teeth away while sleeping. 
   Thank you very much, Ms. Gloria Moaney
   Gloria Moaney, Office of Multicultural Affairs

5th Testimonial:
From: ccoudonx@comcast.net [mailto:ccoudonx@comcast.net]
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 2:43 PM
To: Dr. Mao
Subject: Testimonial
To Potential Patients of Dr. Mao:
I have been under Dr. Mao’s care for a year now, having walked into the office to consult with him on some gum recession and possible grafting.  However, after a thorough examination and list of questions, Dr. Mao was able to identify the TMJ that has caused me chronic headaches for years, and recommended that we first address the clenching that I experience mainly in my sleep -- which is definitely stress-induced (and has caused some wearing-down of enamel on my teeth).  He introduced the Mao appliance, to be worn at night, which resembles a retainer at the roof of the mouth--and it is not unsightly!  That was a plus right there!  It is not bulky or bothersome nor does it really affect my speech.   The piece de resistance, however, was that I found that after wearing the appliance for only a few days, it was working wonders!  I have had such headache relief that I am now recommending this appliance to everyone I know who has experienced similar neck and jaw tension.  Now when I clench, my teeth no longer touch which was the cause for my enamel being worn down, nor are my teeth loosened which had also occurred.  My headaches are virtually gone, and I seem to sleep well overall!    (If it could only help me to remove the stressors of daily life which caused the TMJ in the first place, it would be a true miracle treatment!) 
Christine Coudon

6th Testimonial:
 To Whom It May Concern,
I was referred to Dr. Mao four years ago because of various periodontal problems. After a few questions dealing with sleep patterns and headaches, he determined that I had been clenching my teeth while sleeping. He recommended a bite guard to wear while sleeping. When I saw how small and thin it was, I wasn't confident it would work. Was I wrong!! My quality of life has improved 100% since I started using it. I sleep through the night on a regular basis and the frequency of my headaches has lessened dramatically. Wearing it is now a regular part of my nightly routine. I find myself much less cranky during the day and my students have definitely benefited from this. Also, decrease of trauma has allowed Dr. Mao to efficiently correct the problems I cam to see him for in the beginning.

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