Atridox is now available as a conservative, non-surgical mode of periodontal therapy.  It is mostly used when or if conventional periodontal therapy, whether it be surgical or non-surgical (scaling and root planing), does not appear to be working.

Atridox is basically an antibiotic, namely doxycycline which many people have taken atleast once in their lives.  But, this new mode of delivery is much more effective than taking the antibiotic in pill form (by mouth). 

Atridox  is placed directly into the pocket (see photo on left) and allowed to convert into gel-form.  It is thru this gel-type form of delivery into the pocket that allows the antibiotic to become time-released over a one to two week period.  In addition, the antibiotic can penetrate deep into the pocket and reach even those bacteria (which are susceptible) that are located within the gum tissue itself.  It reaches beyond where dental instruments can reach in many cases. Click here if you would like to learn much more about the Atridox Research Results


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