INTERPLAK® Personal Model: NT7CS

Ideal for individual use with a four-rowed brush head.

In four clinical studies of orthodontic patients, the INTERPLAK® Power Toothbrush has been proven to remove nearly all plaque and reverse gingivitus. Orthodontic patients have difficulty cleaning around appliances. The INTERPLAK® Power Toothbrush safely and effectively assists these patients in removing plaque and debris from around bands and braces. The Triple Action brush head sends long and short bristles spinning and counterspinning 4200 times a minute, reaching between teeth and around braces with a deep cleaning action, polishing tooth surfaces to a stain-resistant smoothness, and provides a massaging action that gently stimulates gums.

  • triple action brush head for cleaning, polishing and massaging
  • personalized color indicator brushes
  • will fit 8 tuft 360 degree rotating brush head
  • great for braces
  • compact unit with holder for two extra brush heads
  • charging indicator light
  • non-slip grip
  • comes with 1 full size brush head
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