Professional Statement on PerioChip chlorhexidine containing resorbable polymer

The PerioChip is designed to be placed in a periodontal pocket > 5 mm after scaling and root planing. This device releases chlorhexidine as the polymer is resorbed.

Published studies have indicated that subgingival administration of chlorhexidine in a controlled release device reduces subgingival bacteria and improves gingival health. Randomized controlled clinical trials that compared the efficacy of scaling and root planing alone to scaling and root planing plus PerioChip revealed statistically significant benefits of adjunctive chip use with regard to reducing probing depths (0.65 mm versus 0.95 mm) and gain of clinical attachment (0.58 mm versus 0.78 mm).

However, the magnitude of these changes was small (0.3 mm). Furthermore, it should be noted that these are considered limited alterations in patients with advanced periodontitis. Therefore, the magnitude of the results needs to be considered by each practitioner in light of the defects being treated. Additional research needs to clarify potential uses of this local delivery system.

At present, the Academy is aware of no data regarding the need for further surgical or non-surgical treatment of sites after treatment with PerioChip. Furthermore, the Academy is not aware of any studies that have addressed the use of PerioChip in diseases other than adult periodontitis (i.e., localized juvenile periodontitis, rapid progressive periodontitis). Similarly, the Academy is not aware of any investigations that have addressed the utility of PerioChip in specific types of defects (i.e., furcations, intrabony lesions). Long-term (>1 year) data of stability of treatment outcomes are also not available.

Each practitioner must, of course, determine the usefulness of PerioChip in light of the available data and the needs of the individual patient.


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