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Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 4:22 PM
Subject: testimonial for my implants.
I am a 63 year old female who is a patient of Dr. Mao's. I had two implants plus bone re-growth procedures performed by him and his staff.  I have always taken care of my teeth and see my dentist regularly.  When I was 11 years old I was in an automobile accident and had my front tooth and the tooth next to it driven up into the gum and turned side ways.  I had braces put on two different times to straighten the teeth. The front tooth kept moving back into the gum and the tooth  next to it kept turning side ways.  After many years my other front tooth had to be removed due to trauma and an abscess.  I had a 3 tooth bridge placement done at that time.  In 2007 I had another abscess in the front tooth and was sent to Dr. Mao by my regular dentist. I was told I needed to have bone re-growth done before I could have the two implants placed.  I was willing to do anything to make my teeth look as natural as possible.  I am so pleased with the results.  I can now smile and feel good about how my teeth look.  Thanks to Dr. Mao and his staff I no longer have one tooth higher than the other and no tooth turned sideways.  If you are considering tooth implants I can highly recommend Dr Mao.  I am so pleased with the results. 

Thanks Dr. Mao!!
I'm still smiling.     Janet Welch


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